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  • 450MT Aluminium Luggage Kit – Black
    SKU: 6WWV-808000-BLAC
  • 450MT Aluminium Luggage Kit – Silver
    SKU: 6WWV-808000-SILV
  • 450MT Centre Stand
    SKU: 6AQV-805000-6000
  • 450MT Engine Case Protector Set
    SKU: 6AQV-806200-6000
  • 450MT High Seat – Austin Pink (For Zephyr Blue)
    SKU: 6AQV-807100-6000
  • 450MT High Seat – Bright Yellow (For Tundra Grey)
    SKU: 6AQV-807100-6000-10
  • 450MT Side Luggage Brackets
    SKU: 6AQV-803000-6000
  • 450MT Side Stand Enlarged Base
    SKU: 6AQV-804500-6000
  • 450MT Skid Plate – Black
    SKU: 6AQV-806100-6000-10
  • 450MT Skid Plate – Silver
    SKU: 6AQV-806100-6000
  • 450MT Tall Windscreen
    SKU: 6AQV-804100-6000
  • 450MT Waterproof Side Bag Set
    SKU: 6AQV-804800-6000
  • Front Brake Caliper Guard – 450MT
    SKU: 6AQV-804400-6000
  • Lower Crash Bar – Black
    SKU: 6AQV-802000-6000
  • Lower Crash Bar – Silver
    SKU: 6AQV-802000-6001
  • Rear Brake Reservoir Guard – 450MT
    SKU: 6AQV-804300-6000
  • Tank Pad (Universal)
    SKU: 6AQV-802600-1000
  • Upper Crash Bar – Black
    SKU: 6AQV-801000-6000
  • Upper Crash Bar – Silver
    SKU: 6AQV-801000-6001


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